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5.0 / 5

I enjoyed reading this novel so much that I passed it on to friends to read! Can't wait for the next one.



Peter :

5.0 / 5

A great novel! Easy to read but with a lot of parallels of life. Hope to read more works from this talented author.




5.0 / 5

Great casual read!!




I loved this story. I found it hard to put down and when done, I felt a loss. The experiences of the author were written like that of an artist putting a visual to canvas. Beautifully described details. I look forward to the next read…….




Just read your book.

A great story.

Hope you write more.





Just finished it. Loved it! Can't wait for your new book!





Just finished your book. Excellent reading. The main character was well defined, although psychotic. The other characters were defined in detail and seemed like the kind of people you'd meet in that culture. There was a slight loose end about the final dispositions of Tiffany, her mother, and the Detective. You've certainly left it open for a sequal.

One of your reviewers thought it was too heavy on the sex but I sure didn't see that. What little sex that was there was done tastefully and not for titillation or of a gratuitous nature.

I am anxious to try your new book. I have Moon Shadows ordered and once that arrives and start reading I'll order your next one.

Keep up the good work!



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