Review of "The Fires of Remorse"







J.B., a loner and insecure, is afraid to commit himself to having a family, murders his wife and dumps her in the ocean. Searching for fulfillment, he strikes up a relationship with a homosexual. It was only a one-night stand affair, but J.B. is obsessed at finding his new lover. Tiffany and her friend Carmen are young doctors, carefree and full of life, doing all the flighty things that young women do. The homosexual is Carmen’s interior decorator and she is unaware of his relationship with J.B.

On a deserted beach, Tiffany finds a fishing glove with a concealed knife - a knife that has blood on it. She turns it in to a friend who runs a fishing supply store. This ends up with a local detective, a loser and on the point of retirement, who is trying to get to the bottom of J.B. wife’s disappearance. He suspects J.B. of foul play, but lacks evidence. The gloves and knife are his first real clues.

When J.B. fails to locate his lover, he confronts Carmen and in a fit of rage murders her when she refuses to tell him where to find his one-night stand lover. With DNA evidence extracted from the knife, this opens the door for the detective to corner J.B.

Although the reader is initially drawn into J.B’s character, most of the book is about the relationship between Tiffany and Carmen and what they get up to. The work is written in a very readable and professional style. The reader would have loved to see J.B’s character in his assumed persona as James Bond, play the situation and work to outwit his pursuers.

With Fires of Remorse, Carl Miller weaves an interesting examination into a twisted personality where life’s conflicts can drive one over the edge. He also provides an entertaining glimpse into a rapport between two women, which really carries the story. This work can be enjoyed while sitting in a lounge chair, sipping a coffee.



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